Yeah, I’m getting good at taking critique 8)

Especially if people of awesome point out things I’ve been meaning to work on anyway and then they tell me exactly what is wrong with it.

I love my critters.

Thanks guys for accepting my alternative methods of personal fulfilment 8)


Just a quick thought on critiques

I’ve been giving and receiving some more critiques lately and one thing that I noticed is that most of my fellow critters love to do line-critiques, basically quoting lines and saying what they like/dislike about them and how to improve them.

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of that method of line-by-line editing, not because it’s not helpful. It really is good, to have details pointed out to you, but the problem is that you often don’t get an overall impression about your writing and that’s why I prefer sort of a mix of line-edits, including some general thoughts with regards to things like:

– Plot & Character? How did you like it in general? Did scenes/characters come across in a convincing way?
– Originality? Have you seen this before and done better?
– Pacing? Is the plot unfolding too fast and confusing or does it drag and move too slowly?
– Infodump or lack of backstory?
– Prose? Does it flow well or is it clunky? Is it riddled with run-on-sentences etc?

Again, I’m not against line-crits in general as they do help a lot and I like it when things are pointed out to me directly, but it often doesn’t give me an impression whether the chapter itself was good or bad. Some general thoughts about the chapter overall would help there to set things into perspective.


So I started to crit other people’s writing (thanks to Sira for recommending it to me) and I’m actually having fun with this 😀 The Absolute Write site still intimidates me a little, but I’m really having fun with it so far 🙂 Maybe I’m a bit nitpicky sometimes but I think I’m actually not too bad at giving some qualified feedback that doesn’t just sound completely retarded and useless. I guess this will help me to concentrate on the mistakes I’m making as well, at least it sharpens my focus so it should really help me to avoid some of my more or less standard mistakes. So here’s to success in critiquing and improving my own writing with it! Cheers!