New Laptop!

It’s finally here! Well it was delivered yesterday, but after Stephen went on a rampage, installing and uninstalling all kinds of stuff, plus arguing with Dell on the phone (he got me a second 9 cell battery and a $100 refund in the deal) I finally can use it to its fullest. It’s awesome and I LOVE it! Really, it’s been worth the wait, even though it was a lot of hassle to finally get it, but it’s a great laptop. Ultra portable with the 13″ LED screen, long battery life (yay for the 9 Cell battery!) and with 4 GB RAM and 2.2 dual core processor pretty dang fast.

In short: Nym’s pretty happy and will enjoy writing a lot on this thing, now that she has transferred all her files 🙂

With that I’m off to putting more music on here to stimulate the inspiration 😉



Back into Roleplaying!

Yes, really. After not having posted anything and terribly neglecting Faile and Ged, I’ve finally posted a rather decent-sized post (737 words) today at the White Tower site and it was fun. It was great to get back into things and maybe a little creative break wasn’t the worst thing to do. I’m really excited about writing what probably will end up a short story/solo RP about the whole Faile/Ged affair (yes, that’s the one with the incest ;p)

Even though I have gravely neglected my two favorite characters I still really enjoy writing them and Ged most of all because he has so many facettes and the thing between him and Faile has some great writing potential just like before. So I’ll keep going here but of course Light will be continued too.

Right now I’m just waiting for my laptop to be delivered  (Dell says it should be here today, but on the DHL site the estimated delivery date is on Tuesday….there goes my enthusiasm for a great writing weekend..) But then again my parents are still here too and we’re planning to spend the weekend up in Idaho at the grandparents’ house and after doing some intense Salt Lake City sight-seeing yesterday, we’ll probably drive up to Twin Falls and show that beautiful place to them 😉 Pictures will follow btw 🙂

Laptop stress or “Please Hold”

So I ordered this totally AWESOME (and red :p) laptop from Dell on Saturday, got the money in my account, made the payment, got the “We acknowledge your order and will send you a confirmation email soon” email in my inbox….and then it stopped. Nothing went out of my bank account, no confirmation email received…So me, being me, gets nervous and wanting to know what’s going on calls Dell Customer Care.

Cus. Care: Uh…there must be something wrong with your order, apparently an item that you bought isn’t being recognized by the system…uh…let me transfer you to Sales, they’ll be able to help you out.

Me: *grumble, grumble, getting pissed off even more*

Phone line: Please hold. *stupid brainless marketing gibberish* Your waiting time may exceed 10 minutes. Please continue to hold. A Sales Representative will be with you shortly. *more brainless gibberish*

Me: *ranting to Stephen on msn and being almost braindead after half an hour of continuous “Please Hold” lalala* OMG please shoot me…

Finally I’m put through to a Sales guy who tells me: Oh, I just had a customer with the very same problem just a minute ago. I’m sorry, but there has been a system error with orders over the weekend, please call us again tomorrow, if you haven’t received an email and the payment went through by then.

Me: You must be fucking shitting me…

So I’m hanging up, even more pissed off than an hour before when this call started…and now I still haven’t received anything from them and will end up calling them again…They better give me free overnight shipping or upgrades and they damn well better have my laptop still….Gah!

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Oh no…

I just realized that with my little laptop dead I probably lost my entire 12th chapter, because I never freaking posted THIS chapter online. I’ll need to search my email for it, hoping to find it along with the password for my protected posts here. Pathetic I know, but I don’t f-ing remember it. Darn!

EDIT: Found it! Yay for gmail 😉 Anyway, Nym is a tad over-caffeinated right now and will get herself an external harddrive 😉


My laptop just bit the dust….I picked it up to start writing some more and it suddenly started smelling really, really strongly. We pulled it apart to see what it is, but can’t get to it. Anyway, it’s been really old, but ok to type with. Now I need to get a new one hoping my next paycheck will be good enough to buy the one that I want…


 Btw.: Excuse my French 😉

 *whistles the mourning tune for the laptop*

 Fortunately the hard drive seems to be ok still and I have all of Light saved up here on this blog and in my email…

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