I’m a lying liar who lies.

I’m writing despite what I said earlier. I’m such a hypocrite 😉

Blame it on “mom” who hasn’t put the quilt up yet. She just informed me by the way that I shouldn’t be surprised if she and my dad in law are ending up fighting about how to do it. Apparently putting up quilts has been the source of major fights in the past. Gotta love the in-laws 😉

On writing:  I think this is still my favorite line 😉

Nurya and Jay (referring the Damian being snappy and pissed at everyone and everything in general):

“He’s stressed”, Nurya said, sitting cross-legged on the ground watching Jay do her work. “He hasn’t heard from Ares in days. Makes him jumpy.”

“Jumpy yeah, I noticed that. He better not get jumpy with his gun, just because he hasn’t gotten laid for a while… Men…”

Anyway…I’m procrastinating. Back to work.


Work in progress

…or not. Well as far as writing goes, I’ve been slacking off this weekend and don’t expect to jump into MarNoWriMo till tomorrow. I mean hey, it’s only 15,000 words for this mont. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem even though my parents are coming over from Germany from the 13th to the 17th and I probably won’t have much time then, but during work etc. I should have enough time to crank out 1000 words a day and still maintain quality 😉

As far as other projects (i.e. my very first quilt that I’m making for my parents) go, I got it all sewn together yesterday (despite my frustration “That just doesn’t work!”) so we can start the actual quilting today. So hey, I did something after all and I don’t have to stress about getting it ready till the 13th – good going on the crafty side 😀