I’ve posted about music that inspires me while writing earlier, but I just thought I’d mention that I just got absolutely hooked on Faraway Vol.2 and their Album Reflections as well as their latest CD Worlds Collide?

Whoever hasn’t heard of them yet, should definitely give them a try!

Cellos FTW!



Believe what you want, but I sill love to write while listening to the most depressive songs. No, seriously, I’m not an emo. I’m not thinking of slitting my wrists or anything of  the gory and suicidal sort. I just like it.

Right now Dream On by Aerosmith is the song of the day. It just fits that scene’s mood, but since my writing is a wee heavy on the dark side, Evanescence and Nightwish work great too.

I remember when I used to listen to Gary Jules’ Mad World a lot. My mom just loooked at me and was like: “Hey do I need to be worried about you?”

 No, seriously not. It’s just a great song, that’s all. Anyway, right now the Aerosmth Greatest Hits album rocks the day 🙂

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