Yes, I do have my priorities…

That said, yes, the new bookshelves are all assembled and filled now:

And I still have some room, if I move out the CDs, photoalbums and Stephen’s computer magazines 😉 As of now my 322 books have a new home. Now I only need to get another bookshelf after coming back from Germany with all the books that are still there, but that’s got time ’til Christmas. Yeah. Right.

Anyway. I don’t know about you, but for me I’m nowhere really at home until I get all my books unpacked. That said, I really feel better now even though it took me more than three hours to organize them 😉

Meanwhile, Nazca claimed the lovesac (yes, that’s really what it’s called :p ) as her new residency and the paintings got hung too (after I figured out how to use a studfinder, because man, American houses are made weird that way – no wonder they get blown to bits all the time…)

So that’s how I spent the evening of mine and Stephen’s first anniversary (and yes, holy SHIT it’s already been a year?!?). We had a really nice day out together and finally got to what The Dark Knight, which was an awesome movie and man, did Heath Ledger OWN the role of the Joker or what? 😀

And just for the record: my hubby is amusing, really. I mean can you imagine your best friends and favorite book guy being stalked by him to find out which books I’ve been wanting to get lately? Let’s hear it for Stephen’s talents of stalky stalkiness 😉


The cat who thinks she’s a dog

Seriously, my cat does have some identity issues here. Not only does she love to engage in doggy pastimes like playing fetch and loudly demands we throw hair bands, plastic-rings and other throwable toys through the room whenever we have a minute (not that she really cares if we do or not).

She is also known to have barked – I kid you not – at the hubby when she was just all cuddly in bed with me and he dares to open the door and come in. It totally cracks me up whenever she makes those woofing noises, it’s hilarious!

Now her new favorite thing, besides being the kitty that bullies the other four of our (fully-grown) cats is trying to open the door to get out of our bedroom. Preferably between 1 and 3 AM. Meowing loudly and piteously, she hops on the nightstand, grabs the doorknob with her front paws and tries to turn it to get out and upstairs.

I guess that’s her telling us that she too thinks that it’s time for us to move and that no, she does not like to be confined in our bedroom at night.

Yes, Nazca is one of those civilized pets who poop into a box, but other than that she’s like a ferocious puppy. I wonder how she’ll like Timber, the big wolf-husky who we’ll move in with. Well, Timber’s going to be in the yard most of the time, but we’ll see how long it takes for the two to make each other’s acquaintance. I predict interesting times 😉

Gratuitious Kitty Posting

August 2007: Tiny Nazca sleeping in my lap

Gottcha! Daddy has the kitty by the tail

Nazca loves Converse!


Tiny Nazca’s favorite spot: on my shoulder

I iz a bat!

Best friends: Nazca and her teddy bear

Computerkitty – Nazca looooves the laptop

What goes down there? Curious kitty in the bathroom

June 2008: Ey, Rini stole my spot!

‘Kay, I still like to cuddle with you!

Drinking in style or the kitty who refuses to drink out of a bowl

The world is coming to an end! Nazca in one bed with her arch-nemesis Angel and Rini

The Dork Lord on his Dork Throne: Nessa owns all kitties on her TV-empire

Why Nazca thinks she’s a dog…

I kid you not. This cat suffers from serious delusions culminating in her not only playing fetch and having her belly rubbed like a dog, but also barking like one on top of it. Seriously, she did growl and bark like a dog last night.

I was cuddling in bed with her reading, when Stephen comes down the stairs and Nazca, hearing him through the closed door growls and barks, running to the door. It made me laugh so hard I nearly peed my pants. Really.

I’m wondering if she learned that from the dogs at the vet or if it’s just some strange kitty thing. It sure is entertaining though and I’m looking forward what she’ll do when we live at our friend Koreanne’s basement with a huge Wolf-Husky outside 😉

Kitty update

The vet called me this morning asking how Nazca was doing after her surgery. She got spayed on Monday, but though I was on her drugged-kitty shitlist for a little while, she still loves me. She’s doing really well after the surgery and as far as I can see everything is healing as it’s supposed to.

Poor thing has most of her belly shaved and still gets pain killers (and she hates that dropper, ohhhh yeah, can’t blame her though, because that stuff already smells like ass…or Jaegermeister, whichever take you prefer ;)). She’s still on antibiotics against the infection that caused all the ruckus too, another dropper that she hates with a passion, but it’ll do.

We still let her sleep downstairs in out bedroom because she’s not really up to the company of four other cats chasing around the house, but we expect not to having to camp out on the hide-a-bed upstairs anymore by the weekend. We keep her company downstairs when we’re at home, but so she has time to rest and get better. She already wants to play again really badly so we’re pretty positive that she’ll be back to normal in a couple of days.

It’s one of those days…

It’s just not going too well today. First off I had to get up way early (not that I’m sleeping really well lately anyway) to get Stephen to work and Nazca to the vet. She has what the vet calls a “reproductory tract infection” and Stephen and me call “leaking bloody stuff all over the place”.

We were really worried about her, but she’s getting antibiotics and today she’s getting spayed (poor thing) to prevent her getting sick again. I’m hoping everything goes ok. I hate to leave my cat at the vet because I have to work all day, but she’s getting narcosis anyway and will be out for a while. Still I’m feeling bad.

At work things are going alright, but irritating and sometimes I really wish my Spanish was better so I could translate more and get people to understand what they’re supposed to do and that this does NOT include dropping their rent off here even though they haven’t been our tenants for three months. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to sink in.

Anyway, I’m tired and grumpy for whichever reason. I guess I’m stressing too much again about all the stuff that I still get to do until I can finally apply for university. I damn sure hope that all my education records have been delivered to that evaluation agency in Florida. I’m really not feeling comfortable sending them all my originals plus fees and everything just hoping they get it done soon. Paranoid, who me? Heh 😉

I still need to get my driver’s license exchanged (still got my good ol’ German one ;)) and will have to leave work early to do this sometime this week.

Just finished another rather trashy but still entertaining fantasy novel and started another one that just doesn’t really do it for me. Might end up putting it back on the shelf and start another one. Yeah I know I’m inconsistent, so what?

Maybe I should concentrate more on writing than on stressing, but right now I’m just too tired for it, I guess so all that’s left is ranting 😉 Did I mention that my characters love to rant too? Seriously, it’s fun and actually productive at times too!