Another addition to the TBR pile

I’m not all that much into pre-ordering so I just ordered Jeff Somer’s The Digital Plague, as it was published today, at my local Barnes&Noble store, so I’ll probably have and read it in about a week. The Digital Plague is the sequel to The Electric Church and sounds promising so far if you can judge it by its predecessor. I’m really looking forward for another action-loaded trip to a post-apocalyptic world full of cyber monks out for your braiiiiiinz 😉

The review will follow shortly.


Some more ranting to come…

No, browsing today really didn’t make me happy at all. Sure, a great thing was finding out that George R. R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons will apparently be released this year -finally- in September.  But what definitely disappointed me was that Scott Lynch’s Republic of Thieves has been delayed from August 2007 to February 24th 2009. So nope, not happy about that. After all it’s been the book I’ve been looking forward to most for this year.

So here’s an updated list on my personal top 7 books that I’ve been waiting for to be published in 2008 only to realize that 2 of them have been delayed into 2009:

Last Argument of Kings  by Joe Abercrombie – March 20th 2008 – already came out, but already out of stock at, though only temporary. Let’s hope for them or Barnes&Noble getting it back soon

The Digital Plague by Jeff Somers – May 12th 2008 – his second book and sequel to The Electric Church, awesome Noir!

Kushiel’s Mercy by Jacqueline Carey – June 12 2008 – the final book in the Imriel triology and one that definitely promises some more of Carey’s awesome plotting combined with great characters and a certain kink 😉

The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan – August 21 2008 – Richard Morgan’s first take on pointedly “different” fantasy

A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin – September 30th 2008 – the eagerly awaited 5th book in Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga

Republic of Thieves  by Scott Lynch – February 24th 2009 – third volume of the Gentlemen Bastards sequence

The Bastards and the Knives by Scott Lynch – May 15th 2009 – a collection of Gentlemen Bastards short stories and novellas

Now there’s you another promising read…

…and one that definitely resides in the top ranks of my “Must Read” list for 2008 (frankly, this year is going to be great in new releases, even though I’m already grumpy because I’ll still have to wait to lay my hands on this year’s most wanted releases *substracts 50 Brownie points for living in the US of A now and thus not being favored with UK publishing dates*)

Anyway, after reading about it on Westeros and being linked to a rather intriguing post on Joe Abercrombie’s blog I’m pretty hot on getting my hands on Richard Morgan’s upcoming book The Steel Remains.

Browsing amazon was rather disappointing though, well not really, but you might share my impatience about having to wait till August 21st when it’s supposed to be published (which by the way, is almost at the same time when Scott Lynch’s Republic of Thieves is to come out and the Gods know I can’t wait for that one and August is waaaaaaayyyy far off…)

Ah well, rant done. Just check it out 🙂 *concludes another “Nym pimps a book”-post*