More Paintings!

Actually, I was planning on doing a sketch of Arturiel Valyr yesterday – I promise to get that done still – but then I ended up finishing a portrait of Ares:

– He thinks he’s way too pale, and I’d second that, but hey that’s his problem. After all he always gets himself into those situations…and no I don’t care that I‘m the author, YOU are the damn protagonist – deal with it 😉

Oh and for everyone who was wondering how Raeyn looks like, here he is (even though he usually doesn’t look that grim, but…)

Originally I wanted to put Damian into that picture, but somehow Raeyn decided to show up. Personally, I don’t mind and the scene’s quite fitting 😀

I’m not the most detailed painter as you can see (nor the most experienced, heh…), but painting character art is just a fun thing to do that lets me think about scenes and where I want to go with characters in general. Relaxing so to say 🙂

Besides that, I’m happy to have accomplished something besides reading absolutely horrible books that came to an utterly horrible and cheesy end…I’m not even going to write a review about those, because…honestly it would be a waste of time.

Let’s just say that I’m glad I didn’t pay more than $1 per book for that trilogy and that being one of the ‘big’ fantasy authors doesn’t automatically make you a good writer. Really. Just look at Goodkind. I shall file Lackey in the same category unless you show me something better than The Last Herald Mage. What really irritated me was that she actually has some good ideas, but the way she goes through with them, the horrible narrative, wooden flashbacks and scenes that don’t contribute anything to her plot… Do I really need to say more?


Dude looks like a lady

Stephen *looking at my two recent paintings of Ares*: So that a guy or a girl?

Me *exasperated*: It’s a guy. Don’t you let the long, wavy hair distract you.

Clayton *looking a the painting I did of Damian, Ares and Dawnelle*: So what’ s that other guy doing there? Watching them having sex?

Me: No, he’s Ares’ boyfriend and this is only a symbolic painting. Besides, they aren’t having sex.

Adrian: Well that’s just sick, that guy’s watching the two girls having sex! Ew!

Me *rolls eyes*: That’s a GUY dammit!

Can you say ‘misunderstood art’? Seriously, just because Ares does have rather long hair doesn’t make him a girl and just to spite my dearly beloved family, I painted him with a little goatie yesterday. I have to admit he looks cute with a beard 😉

Anyway, I’m chiming in with Jen: Real men have long hair :p heh


That pretty much sums up my weekend on the writing side. After having a blast, writing 2,200 words on Friday, I didn’t write anything Saturday or Sunday – shame on me.

Instead I painted a lot, which was fun, even though I still need to go over a 20×24 canvas painting that I’m not quite happy with yet. Anyway, it seems that I have rediscovered art as another creative outlet, especially as far as Light is concerned. I love painting or drawing my characters and scenes of the book. I’ll upload a picture of the canvas painting with Ares, Dawnelle and Damian as soon as I’m done editing it.

Another thing is that painting certain scenes or characters helps me concentrate on plot and upcoming chapters. I realized that I sort of wrote myself a little bit into a corner with Nineteen and thus took it off here to do some edits. They are only minor, nothing drastic, but I really don’t want Ares to end up becoming a total druggie. It kind of defeats the purpose of future plot twists, so it’ll need to be tweaked a little.

Other than that I spent my weekend plotting, buying a bike and paint supplies (yay for that!), going to a movie with Stephen, eating my first rare steak (which was an interesting and yummy experience, but I still prefer it medium-rare I think ;), reading Kim Harrison (Jenks is hilarious!) oh and sleeping for once 😉

EDIT: to the latter one: due to me and Stephen being out really late for a movie yesterday I only got about 5 hours of sleep tonight – trust in me to never really catch up with my lack of sleep…. *is drinking her second cup of coffee this morning* 😉