Quick Update

Still too busy to think straight. Three more weeks till school’s over (3 papers to write, 6 tests to take, 3 oral reports to give). Blargh. At least I’m looking forward to having some quality character time during summer break and to maybe, maybe even finish the second draft of Light.

In other news, the tattoo is still awesome, healing really well and itching like fuck (you were totally right about that one.) On the plus side, at least my VS bras are awesomely versatile, so I can actually wear something but a sports bra (which I hate with a passion) that keeps everything where it’s supposed to be :p

Anyway, weird side rant aside, life’s hectic, but awesome. Now to convince the boss to replace my monitor with something that I can actually work on without the certainty of inevitably going blind and insane by beeping, feeping, flimmer tube screen of doom. Let’s hear it for flat screens, folks.


P.S.: If someone has cool images of The Chariot (speaking of the Tarot card “The Chariot), please send them my way since I’ve had a sudden spark of inspiration πŸ˜‰


Random profanity screening ;)

Yep, screening the first 66 pages (Prologue through Four) of Light gives me 34 hits on ‘fuck’ and its various compounds, 26 hits on ‘Gods’ and only 9 for ‘shit’.

What do we learn from this?

Ares doesn’t curse enough.

But then again that’s Damian’s job.

Anyway, yes, I’m getting the hang of writing again (die, University Stress, die!) and I’m pleasantly surprised. Yes, Damian can have unexpected moments of sudden cute-ness. Awww.

I am mighty!

Hahaha, thanks to Sira for showing me this πŸ˜‰

Ever down about your writing? Having a bad day? Need an ego boost?

Click here

but only if you have your speakers on πŸ˜‰

Conversations with my mom…

me: Oh, by the way, I finished my novel.

mom: That’s awesome! So now you’re going to send it off to be published?

me: eh….no…It’s not ‘done’ in that way yet. Just the first draft. It’ll probably take another one to two years to get to the point where it’s worth to be sent off.

mom: Man, that sucks. Dealing with the same stuff for over a year?

me: Never mind, mom.

Seriously, my mom is the greatest person in the world, but sometimes she makes me laugh πŸ˜‰

I love those conversations…

…apparently I keep cracking up the owner of my favorite used book store.

Today I’m calling in to find out if he’s got some books that I want available, he starts searching, says he’ll give me a call if he gets them in. Then asks if I wanted him to order a trilogy that I mentioned. I politely decline, hang up.

Two minutes later I call in again and he starts to laugh, asking me “So you want me to order those, right?”

Man, I’m predictable…and an addict, but yay I love my favorite bookstore for reading my thoughts and knowing my tastes in fantasy etc. rather well πŸ˜€ Little bookstores rock πŸ˜€



I found this on Pat Cadigan’s blog. All I can say is yay for the cat-lovers πŸ™‚

Random pine…

I really miss writing with Dovan….*pining for all the great Ged/Dovan/Adem* mentor/mentee and gay/semi-gay roleplays. We really had a good time, but it was way too shortΒ before uni sunk its claws into him and I haven’t seen him for ages. So here’s to hoping there will be some more Ged and Dovan stuff though I’ve taking to NPCing Dovan and Adem quite a bit….Ah well…