Another editing rant…

Honestly I’m having one of those days. Pondering what to do with this damn novel that wants to be edited so badly, but the first part is so damn horrible that it just makes me cringe. Also, the prologue might be redundant once more (possibly incorporated in chapter Two instead, but I’ll have to rewrite it in first person, because let’s face it, two first person PoVs AND little third-person dream tidbits just doesn’t work. No, not even with me…) since I decided to drive myself crazy over my little PoV crisis, experimenting with two first person PoV’s right now. Yes. Two. First. Person. Point. Of. Fucking. Views.

And yes, I’m aware I completely brought this upon myself. Which doesn’t make it better. But hey, at least I have spurts of ideas of absolute brilliance. Now I only need to have the writing live up to it. Gah!

Man, I should get some more caffeine before I rip someone’s head off, but yeah, end of story is that I wrote a good chapter yesterday, but figured that it’s not the action opening I want and will add it as a contemplative scene either on to One or make chapter Two out of it.

My apologies if I sound a little unorganized and generally homicidal…I guess editing does that to you at times :p

I should just quit my whining and write, but hey at least it seems that I could give a friend some helpful advice yesterday so that boosts my ego a little 8)


Book prices

Seriously, I love books and I know pretty damn well that my book shopping sprees are the main reason for me being broke all the time (well that and saving up for university, ya know…). Anyway so I’m absolutely excited to see Kushiel’s Mercy come out earlier than I (and amazon) thought it would and what was even better, my local Barnes&Noble had it in stock.

Now, what definitely pissed me off though was that on their website the book’s $17 for members and lucky me, my mother in law’s got a member card so I’m thinking: yay, let’s go get it, since I could have ordered it for $15 from my bookclub, but they wouldn’t have shipped it before June 19th… Well so far so good, but when the guy at the register tells me it’s like $22.90 with a membership card in the store, I’m getting quite a little bit irritated and tell him that online the price says $17 instead.

“Well, but that’s without shipping,” he replies and I’m just shaking my head thinking “Bullshit”. Seriously, there is no difference between paperback prices online and in store nor is there with hardbacks – usually. In the end, rather unhappy me buys the book and leaves the store with the resolution not to buy any hardbacks in store anymore.

Seriously dude, are you kidding me? You making me pay ‘shipping’ for paperbacks next time too?

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this book too long to be too pissed about this, but it’s just something that really irritated me…that paired with the appalling incompetence of the book sellers there. Really folks, get it together. If I spell the title to you, you should not have to ask me four times again before getting it right…

Sorry for the rant *self-righteous snort*

Oh and by the way, I need some HELP! Specifically Don (because I know you got it to work in your sidebar), if you see this 🙂 I’ve been trying to put the picture of the cover + link of the books I’m currently reading into my sidebar and I don’t know if it’s just my own incompetence, but somehow I can’t get it to work right…*shuffles feet*

Could anyone help me out with t his? I’m usually anything but website-illiterate, but somehow I can’t get it to work…Help would be appreciated 😀

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I know this is random…

…but why don’t I have any friends/relatives living in NYC? Colleen Lindsay just left 500 books in the lobby of her building because she’s moving. They’re up for grabs and I’m in Utah. Now that just leaves me in agony….

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Can you say ‘Medical Bankrupcy’?

The health system here in the U.S. does everything but make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Working at a Real Estate office and running new tenant applications, I’m seeing some cases that really makes me go WTF? on occasion. “Medical Bancrupcy” is the term for some of those cases and looking at how the system here works, I don’t wonder why.

If you take me and Stephen for example, married, no kids, in our early twenties. All nice and good, but there are a couple of problems:

1.) I’m lucky to be insured at all because Stephen’s insurance covers me (for about $400 per month total). If I was on my own, it would be a whole different deal, because I’ve had two thromboses (a blood clot in the leg, something that usually only old or immobile people get, at 17, respective 19 when it hit the second time I qualified for neither of those cases, ergo: must be a genetical thing. Nobody know. Great, huh?) Anyway, running the risk of getting a random blood clot which can get you an embolia and death in the worst case, seems to  make me a  risk patient so most insurances won’t cover me. Peachy.  They don’t really care that I’m taking blood thinners every day (which by the way fucks up your immune system really good too) to prevent me from getting a random thrombosis. They just won’t take me.

2.) Then there’s the problem of our insurance utterly failing at getting things done. They take ages to process things and then randomly take either me or Stephen off the insurance plan because -and here’s the kicker- they get confused with our names. Stephen’s is pronounced “Stephan” and my first name’s Stephanie, so they automatically assume that this must be one and the same person on the plan, named Stephan Lee or Stephanie Lee. Could I just point out: You’re WRONG guys? Btw I now have my own Social Security Number so they can’t bitch about the fact that they only have one number listed in their records. Pain…

3.) We get random bills about payments we’re supposed to make for doctor visits that the insurance actually covers. This went on for over three months until they finally figured out that they made a mistake by not registering us right at the doctors office. Great. Thanks for all the stress guys.

4.) I’m still waiting on getting my birth control prescription approved. Our insurance doesn’t cover maternity, ergo it also doesn’t cover birth control (don’t ask me how this is supposed to make sense…). I’ve been working on getting a prior authorization for a month now and it’s still stuck in the mills of bureaucracy.

5.) Kids in general are an issue here. I’m not just talking about Stephen and me here (seriously, I’m not really planning on kids anytime soon, if ever, high thrombosis risk might cancel that out per se anyway). But in general, looking at the fact that most insurances just don’t frigging cover maternity AT ALL, I’m really wondering how the fuck can Americans afford to have so many children? Most insurances don’t even kick in before a deductible of at least $5,000. So I’m really wondering when I’m seeing all those huge families in Utah: How did you do it? How many loans do you still have running for each of your kids? All that and the fact that I’m personally totally incompatible with the idea of an American Mom, makes me come to one conclusion: no kids for me. Thanks.

/end rant.

Sorry about that and the French, but it needed to be said.