Random pine…

I really miss writing with Dovan….*pining for all the great Ged/Dovan/Adem* mentor/mentee and gay/semi-gay roleplays. We really had a good time, but it was way too short before uni sunk its claws into him and I haven’t seen him for ages. So here’s to hoping there will be some more Ged and Dovan stuff though I’ve taking to NPCing Dovan and Adem quite a bit….Ah well…


Back into Roleplaying!

Yes, really. After not having posted anything and terribly neglecting Faile and Ged, I’ve finally posted a rather decent-sized post (737 words) today at the White Tower site and it was fun. It was great to get back into things and maybe a little creative break wasn’t the worst thing to do. I’m really excited about writing what probably will end up a short story/solo RP about the whole Faile/Ged affair (yes, that’s the one with the incest ;p)

Even though I have gravely neglected my two favorite characters I still really enjoy writing them and Ged most of all because he has so many facettes and the thing between him and Faile has some great writing potential just like before. So I’ll keep going here but of course Light will be continued too.

Right now I’m just waiting for my laptop to be delivered  (Dell says it should be here today, but on the DHL site the estimated delivery date is on Tuesday….there goes my enthusiasm for a great writing weekend..) But then again my parents are still here too and we’re planning to spend the weekend up in Idaho at the grandparents’ house and after doing some intense Salt Lake City sight-seeing yesterday, we’ll probably drive up to Twin Falls and show that beautiful place to them 😉 Pictures will follow btw 🙂