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In which the author is incredibly sleepy and droopy-eyed…

Yes, it’s been an incredibly tired day (what was that about trying to make it to bed a little earlier tonight? *checks clock* never mind…)

Anyway, today’s word count: 694 and the first Ares scene of Five is finished 🙂 I’m actually quite happy with it and once again Damian just gets pissed. I wonder why :p

Right now I just really looooove rewriting. I feel like I’m more and more getting the hang of things like my chararacters’ voices, the general atmosphere and shiny main plot events 😀

And with writerly happiness I shall venture off to bed now.

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Yay for progress!

With the start of university looming ahead, I made it a point to work on Light every day. Work including structuring, outlining etc, but I tried to at least write something every day. Sure, some days this works better than on others, because writing backwards i.e. wielding the delete key in wild abandon isn’t always exactly what you’d call productive progress. But this way, taking some time every day to completely focus on writing, I want to make sure that I don’t let it slide once university stress kicks in. 18 credit hours paired with a 33-hour work week will be way time-consuming, but I really want to get this somewhere. Right now I’m shooting for being ready to submit sometime in 2009, maybe even being able to finish the second draft by the end of this year – if things go optimally.

Reality is that I just finished Four and from there it’s still quite a way to go till I hit the chapters that I’m merely editing to fit in, instead of completely rewriting them. As it is, I wasn’t really excited about Four to begin with, because I felt sort of ambiguous about that whole flashback idea, but it was one of those chapters that I needed to be there and right there as far as the plot goes. In the end I did have quite a bit of fun with it, especially given that this is Ares’ first interaction with both Valyr and Damian. Needless to say that the Ares/Damian section was hilarious. All in all it’s a very dark chapter that hints at a bunch of stuff, but there were some parts that were plain fun and I think that made it a better chapter overall – even though it turned out about 500 words longer than I’d planned originally.

Today’s progress meter shows a solid and shiny 1000 words and I’ll go over the chapter again in the morning before posting it. Yes, by now I’m so totally breaking the ultimate NaNoWriMo rule and edit as I go. So far it worked out quite well.

Again, I’m really glad to have added Damian, because of how simple he makes things appear at times. Where Ares rants and raves, Damian just shuts him up and does so quite efficiently. That said, the last line of today’s chapter speaks of genuine Damian logic:

“No idea what Orpheus wants with you, but since you asked, the name’s Damian and you’re a godsdamned idiot.”

Anyway, I’m happy about the shiny progress 😀

Words written today: 1,011

Useful wordcount of the second draft so far: 12,767

Nominal writing

Yes, I’ve been working on editing throughout the last week. No, I haven’t written a single word beyond completing and editing Three. Yeah, let’s face it, I’ve been procrastinating and being right in the middle of moving apartments hasn’t really contributed to my time for writing either.

Then again I’ve been going over chapters Two through Four of my original first draft, trying to figure out what to keep and what to scrap. Honestly? Of almost 15,000 words, all I’m going to keep is one scene. Yes, there is a lot of superfluous wordy junk there and whenever I’m reading sections of the first twelve chapters, I get that eerie feeling that either I’m a damn schizophrenic or someone else must have written those chapters, because my writing has improved so much since then. And it’s not even been a year. I guess development can come in spurts 😉

So what’s the outcome of this editorial rampage? I basically decided to condense those original three chapters of flashback into one chapter. That one scene (which is a really cool one I might add) will serve as a great opener and then I’ll go from there. The basic frame of the chapter is pretty clear as is its result, but I really don’t want to get all tangled up in backstory and flashbacks, because those distract horribly from the main plot.

I suppose that’s one of the things I’ve learned about editing so far: cutting. Really. If a scene doesn’t contribute to your plot or character development, it’s gotta go. And let’s face it there’s a great number of those scenes all hidden sneaky-like in every kind of first draft just waiting for some thorough editing. I’m not saying trash it altogether, for there still might be some helpful and contributing bits in there, but you can always ‘recycle’ those scenes later or use those tidbits and drop them into the ongoing plot as casual asides.

So here I am, working on the problem flashbacks. I knew before that I’d run into problems with this section, but didn’t really know what to do with it. In the end it took me a couple of months of letting it simmer and a heightened sense of self-criticism to be able to part with most of it and figure out how to rewrite it instead.

Right now I’m rather amused by Damian’s suggestion of him knocking Ares out at a certain critical point. ‘Shut it up first and then deal with it later’ is so totally a thing Damian would do. So far he really likes the idea even though he already knows he’s never going to live that one down. I guess in the end we’ll see if the solution will be quite that drastic or not 😉

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Yay for progress :D

In the end, I really had a blast with this chapter and yes, I finally finished it today 😀

There was action and dialogue and plot-twists and characters with rampant personality issues (yes, we all love those). Got some really nice plot- and character development here 😀

That was really fun to write 😀

Let’s hear it for the awesomeness of complete rewrites!