Writing weekend!

This weekend I actually have the time and inspiration to focus a lot on my writing. I just finished Sixteen and am probably going to start Seventeen in a bit. I also have been thinking about titles for book one some more. Two that I like would be Shadows (which is more related to the overall title “Light”) or Renegade which relates to events closer to the end of the book as well as the one of the main themes of the overall plot.

One thing I know is that it’ll be a short title. I really like Renegade, but it really isn’t linked to Light a whole lot. I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet.

Something I’ve really had fun writing today is some good Damian/Ares irony and sarcasm. They’re just good at that and it lightens the general grave mood of this chapter up a lot. Love passages like Ares’ first statement after waking up from waking up from two months of coma:

“Gods, you look like shit, Damian,” I said grinning. I suddenly realized how much I’d have missed never seeing his face again.

“Well thanks, but you know how the saying goes. ‘Don’t throw stones when you’re sitting in the glass house’.” Damian said sardonically.

“Hm…I guess.”


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