Title woes… (again)

Seriously, I keep losing track how often I’ve been whining about this little dilemma of mine before, but the fact is this: while “Light” is a perfectly fine working title for my novel (and let’s face it after three years of working on it, it pretty much stuck).

Still, I’m looking for something more unique, something that stands out, something sophisticated that describes the novel as a whole.

So far I’ve failed. Other than me really liking “Deviant” as a simple mono-verbal title that is, but I’m refraining from using it just as it is because the sexual connotation. Even though I may have the occasional graphic scene I am still writing SFF, so…

*grumbles and throws something at random*

Anyway, to everyone who’s read the second draft (the first one really doesn’t kind in so many ways :p) or knows about the general outline or has read excerpts or has been following the blog, or, or, or…(I’m almost to the point of accepting random suggestions :p) Any ideas or suggestions would be very welcome 😉





Thanks to Sira pointing out how weird categories and tags work here, I just want to point out that if you’re looking for entries for “Light” or “writing”, please make use of the tag cloud on the rid side bar of the blog. Clicking on the tags right below the post directs you to all kinds of other blogs that feature entries with merely the same tag…

Another thing that I found is that when you try and google “Deviant” or even look do the wordpress tag thingy, it directs you to some of my posts, but more than that it directs you to all kinds of porn sites and I seriously don’t feel comfortable using a title that might correlate to that…

Hence: back to the original working title: Light with the option of naming it “Shadows” after all because

Book 1: Shadows

Book 2: Clairvoyance

Book 3: Light

makes perfect non-misleading sense, right?

Besides, may I just mention that I’m a very unhappy linguist right now since I really wouldn’t say that the word “deviant” itself hints at anything sexual. Must be that Americans just think.

You’re wrong, guys! :p