That’s pretty much how I’d paraphrase this entire situation. Well anyway, there’s good news!

After being transferred at least 8 times from one department to another at Weber State, they finally found me in their system and my transcripts in their files, so hey I’m existent!

Chaos ensued over the question whether I’d need to take an ACT test or accuplacer at all and after half an hour of being transferred back and forth a very nice advisor from the admissions office finally helped me out to determine: Hey I suck at math so yes, I need to take accuplacer in math (not in English, because hey, I rock ;)) and no, scrap the ACT.

Hence, I’m waiting for my refund check for that fee and will go in to take the math accuplacer test probably some time next week or so. Yay me!

What I still need to do though is file my resident application, because hey, guess what, out of state tuition is like 6,000 freaking bucks while in state is about 1,800. Quite a difference, don’t you think? Besides, this is the only way I can afford uni here and all things considered I should have no problem proving that I’m married to a Utah resident who’s spent his entire life in this godsdamn LDS-infested state :p

Anyway, yay for paperwork and thus ensuing clusterfuck…



I just received my letter of acceptance as a transfer student to Weber State University 😀 That was pretty damn fast, I have to say!

Only thing that galls me is

a) I just paid to take an ACT test that I apparently don’t need and

b) I’ll have to take Accuplacer in math and English instead for them to pick the right courses for me and

c) I’m currently listed as a Non-Utah Resident, which means I’ll have to apply for that, but I should be accepted…uh…hopefully, because otherwise I won’t be able to afford studying here…but hey I’m not worried. Right. Riiiiiiiiiiiight?!?

Hence, chaos ensues.

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It’s one of those days…

It’s just not going too well today. First off I had to get up way early (not that I’m sleeping really well lately anyway) to get Stephen to work and Nazca to the vet. She has what the vet calls a “reproductory tract infection” and Stephen and me call “leaking bloody stuff all over the place”.

We were really worried about her, but she’s getting antibiotics and today she’s getting spayed (poor thing) to prevent her getting sick again. I’m hoping everything goes ok. I hate to leave my cat at the vet because I have to work all day, but she’s getting narcosis anyway and will be out for a while. Still I’m feeling bad.

At work things are going alright, but irritating and sometimes I really wish my Spanish was better so I could translate more and get people to understand what they’re supposed to do and that this does NOT include dropping their rent off here even though they haven’t been our tenants for three months. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to sink in.

Anyway, I’m tired and grumpy for whichever reason. I guess I’m stressing too much again about all the stuff that I still get to do until I can finally apply for university. I damn sure hope that all my education records have been delivered to that evaluation agency in Florida. I’m really not feeling comfortable sending them all my originals plus fees and everything just hoping they get it done soon. Paranoid, who me? Heh 😉

I still need to get my driver’s license exchanged (still got my good ol’ German one ;)) and will have to leave work early to do this sometime this week.

Just finished another rather trashy but still entertaining fantasy novel and started another one that just doesn’t really do it for me. Might end up putting it back on the shelf and start another one. Yeah I know I’m inconsistent, so what?

Maybe I should concentrate more on writing than on stressing, but right now I’m just too tired for it, I guess so all that’s left is ranting 😉 Did I mention that my characters love to rant too? Seriously, it’s fun and actually productive at times too!