Welcome to Educational Capitalism!

In other news: against my Intrinsic Pessimism, mine and the hubby’s student loans and grants both came in on Friday. Ergo: tuition is paid and the refund check is on its way to yours truly’s trusty mailbox.

And yes, all that money wants to be paid back in a couple of years, but by THEN I’ll so totally have landed a book sale and won’t have to worry about such mundane things as student loans anymore 😉

This is where the Personified Intrinsic Pessimism (TM) takes over and yells: BUT YOU’RE STILL STUCK WITH THAT STUPID FLASHBACK SCENE IN THAT FUCKING FOURTH CHAPTER – GET TO WORK!

Yes, Intrinsic Pessimism and my CAPS LOCK are fuckbuddies and they like to show off…Oh dear…

In other words: off to do some writing.


…henceforth the state of Texas shall be erased from the face of the earth!

Is it so hard to send a book that I desperately need for school to the right address? Nonetheless an address definitely not located in fucking Texas and very, very damn specified on my order details? Apologies to everyone living there, your funky accents totally crack me up but right now I don’t like Texas too much. Especially since this isn’t the first time that stuff I ordered is being send to the ass-end-of-nowhere.

Now USPS, please understand that I need that damn book by the 25th. Which is next Monday. Which is when school starts. And no, I won’t spend another 50 fucking bucks on a textbook.

Speaking of which: did I mention how excited I am to get thrown back into the mechanisms of angsty intellectuality that is the wonderful world of university? Yes, my nerd brain rejoices at the prospect of taking all those Creative Writing, Linguistics and Renaissance Lit classes. In regards to the latter one, did I mention how awesome Elizabeth Bear’s Stratford Man duology is and how much I love it when people write about my favorite theories? 😀

Yes, the idea of man on man action between Marlowe and Shakespeare makes me all kinds of happy.

Go figure 😉

EDIT: And here comes an email saying they just got the book back and will resend it, so it should be at my house by Saturday. See? The efficiency of a decent threat!

Textbook shopping…

Wow I just spent almost 270 bucks on textbooks for me and Stephen…*gasp!* Well at least that will cover both of us, even though I don’t know what I’ll need for my biological anthropology class. That’s with all books being used by the way (yay for used books!). But man…uni-life is expensive :S

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Biological Anthropology, German Grammar & Composition, German Phonetics & Phonology, Introduction to Visual Arts, Education and Creative Writing = 18 credit hours

18 credit hours of university + 30-ish hours of work = next semester with uni and work

Don’t you call me a workaholic now :p

Man, I want to shoot myself 8)

How weird is that?

So I’m going to that New Student Orientation at my university and at the advising session I’m not only the only one who is majoring in a Foreign Language, but also the only one who does so in German. Hence, I get the head of the Foreign Language Department to advise me all by myself. How cool (if weird) is that?

That comes from me, who used to sit in lectures on English and German attended by 300-500 people. Now I’m facing language classes of maybe 10 people at best in German. Plus the German department consists of only two professors and they’re all “Oh we’ve heard about you!” when I mention weird schedules and transcripts. Man, I feel special now 😉

Anyway, the confusion clears up bit by bit and I just sorted out about half of my schedule for the upcoming fall semester. I’ll be taking a grammar and a phonetics and phonology class in German, as well as Education 1010, probably (because I have to…) Math 1010 (or Deductive Logic, though I have no idea if I’d get the hang of that or not, but it’d save me one math class…hm). In total I’m planning on taking 18 credit hours (probably 5-6 classes) and I’ll have to fit work in there somehow, but hey, I’m a workaholic, right? Riiiiight?

…Why do I suddenly sound a tad too much like Ares trying to justify himself?


More from the uni-warz

Really, I’ve done all this before in Germany. Applying for uni, filling out tons and tons of paperwork. Getting accepted. Picking classes, buying books, getting used to living in a big city and let’s not forget trying NOT to get lost every time I go to uni (me and orientation don’t go very well together 8) )

Anyway, here we go again. Yesterday I received a letter from WSU saying yes, they accept me as a Utah-resident which means tuition will be under $2,000 instead of *gasp* over $6,000, which I seriously can’t afford. Not that I was overly worried about possibly not being accepted, but you know, I love to stress. So now that that’s settled, I’ll take mot of tomorrow off (really hoping my boss will be back at the office) and attend a student orientation thingy that will hopefully help me fix my schedule as well. Apparently I already have 49 credits from school and university in Germany, now I just need to figure out which ones count for what here… Let’s hope for a nice, patient adviser here then, because hey this is going to take a while…

So now to apply for any kinds of grants and scholarships that I can possibly get…

Keep your fingers crossed for me, folks.