Villain Gallery

Someone’s been creative this weekend and got her “Villain Gallery” finished. I painted Dahlia Laras, Dawnelle Nymeron and Sirius Nymeron. In one of my more fickle moments

I decided to change Dawnelle’s hair color from dark brown to black (never could decide that during writing anyway and black is a much better contrast to the white hair that usually runs in her family ;))

Anyway, I was pondering putting some of my character art into the sidebar of the blog, but for now I just created a new page with all the paintings and sketches here.

Right now I’m really looking forward to moving in August, because guess what will decorate our living room then? 😀

My mother in law asked me yesterday if I wanted to participate in a painting contest and maybe sell one or the other of my character art. Honestly? No. I love painting my characters as a hobby on the side and I really enjoy visualizing them that way (it helps tons with writing them 😉 ) but I’m neither a good painter nor a serious artist. It’sa nice, relaxing hobby though and I’m already planning another bigger painting featuring Ares and Damian in some way. Will see where this one goes 😀

Anyway, here comes the Gallery of Villains:

Arturiel Valyr

Sirius “The Eye” Nymeron

Dawnelle Nymeron

Dahlia Laras


Villain – Dahlia Laras

Name: Dahlia Laras

Age: 33

Rank: Captain of the Watch

Background: No, since you ask, Laras really isn’t too fond of her first name. It’s ordinary and girly, just as she is nothing but the ordinary third daughter of an altogether ordinary middle-class family. Not that she really has a problem with being ordinary, but Dahlia Laras never really fit into her former life – not that she ever really tried either.

She always wanted to be a Soldier and worked her way up through the ranks of the Watch rather fast, though it never ceased to frustrate her how she was never more than one of the Commander’s countless flunkies. However she finds a way to make use of that as she finds an unlikely ally in Dawnelle Nymeron and they become as close to the definition ‘friends’ as Laras has ever known. She is loyal to her and plays her part with Arturiel Valyr. Nonetheless, Laras likes to be in control and dominance along with a sadistic streak are among her most prominent character flaws and she frequently uses especially the latter as an outlet of her frustration.

Dahlia Laras in a nutshell is ambitious, loyal and cruel and all too likely to act upon her own whims, which makes her unpredictable at times.

I’ll post a scene with her later, depending on my progress with rewriting One 😉

Villain – Orion Novak: scene

NOTE: This is an excerpt of Fourteen, one of those chapters that I used to play around with multiple third person PoV’s. It’s one of those scenes that need to be rewritten, but it should serve to give you an impression of Orion, though I’m working on making him even more of a pain in the ass character 😉

The bullet didn’t quite miss him, but in the end Ares was lucky to get away with nothing but a graze. His shoulder stung fiercely with every movement, but he managed to draw his own gun fast enough to surprise Orion.

He silently thanked the Gods for whoever invented inner-pants holsters. It was only a small caliber magnum, but a good shot at the kneecap usually makes for a good distraction.

“You bastard! Light. Fuck you!”, Orion howled with pain. Apparently Ares’ aim hadn’t been off by far.

“Sorry, but the Light won’t help you with that. Speaking of which, why did they sent you here?”, Ares countered, pressing the his magnum against Orion’s temples.

“They…”, Orion hissed between clenched teeth, still trying to keep himself on his feet. Ares would have laughed if he hadn’t seethed with fury.

“They want you dead. What do you think? They’d let you go at it just under their noses? Light, how naïve-”

“This is enough. If the Watch just wanted me dead they’d have sent somebody more capable of putting a bullet through my head than you. No.” Ares’ gun wandered down just below Orion’s chin. He could see him swallow. Orion had thought he was easy meat.

“Sorry to say that, but you’re the worst liar that I’ve ever seen, Orion Novak. Why. Are you here? I already know what happened. Why still playing games?”

Orion’s mouth twitched. Only then Ares noticed that his opponent was trying not to laugh. He failed miserably.

“Oh Light, Ares”, Orion laughed. The sound made Ares want to strangle him. “You really should see your own face. Do you finally get it? Is it finally dawning on you that there’s nothing that they don’t know?”

Orion raised his hands, slimy grin still on his face. Ares hand started to quiver with anger. Orion looked at him as if he could read his very thoughts.

“Oh go ahead and shoot me if you like. It won’t bring any of them back. Too bad I couldn’t be the one who emptied his gun into Damian. Well you can’t have everything, I-”

Ares let go of him; pushing Orion away. His finger pulled the trigger almost in reflex. The shot echoed in his ears was followed by another one. Both hit him into the chest. Even with the 22 magnum it was enough to kill for sure.

Villain – Orion Novak

Name: Orion Novak

Age: 26

Family and Background: A whore’s get, Orion doesn’t particularly talk about his past, except for the occasional snarky remark aimed at Naerya and Nurya (who are both courtesans) or Ares for that matter (no, he really doesn’t like him 8) ). If Orion could have it his way, he’d altogether forget where he came from as he despises the life on the streets, even the life in the Shadows after Orpheus accepts him under his tutelage. He never makes it much of a secret that he wants to be something better than his fellow Shadows. Orion has no allegiances and will do whatever serves his purpose, which usually depends on the highest bidder. Most of the time he at least tries to remain in good standing with Orpheus and the rest of the Shadows, but his open enmity with Ares and Damian is no secret.

Orion is some sort of textbook turncoat. A recurring villain, he usually appears whenever you least expect him. In the end he’s nothing but another one of Valyr’s flunkies, though whether he’s one of his “boy toys” as Dahlia Laras refers to him remains open.

If I were to describe Orion in three words, it would probably come down to: treacherous, spiteful and arrogant.

He’s one of those characters that should be destined to die, but of course they don’t do my protagonists the favor. That would be a little too easy guys, wouldn’t it?

Villain – Dawnelle Nymeron: character art

I made this one a while back and it probably needs a little polishing (a new Dawnelle painting is in progress too), but just for the sake of completion:

Thanks a lot to Claire for being a wonderful model for Dawnelle 😀

Another painting featuring Dawnelle can be found here

It’s the second one down featuring her and Ares as well as a rather pissed-off Damian, but hey what do you expect? To anyone who wonders about this one, it’s not an actual scene from the book for once, but to be seen symbolically. The painting has its flaws, but I still like it as it’s been one of my first ones 🙂

As to painting WIP, I’m planning on doing separate paintings of Dawnelle, Nymeron and either Laras or Orion (not decided on that one yet), on 8×10 canvas to match the one I made for Arturiel Valyr earlier, so I can hang them together as some sort of ‘gallery of villains’ if you want to put it that way.

Villain – Dawnelle Nymeron : scene

“I can’t help, but wonder why you’ve been wanting to see me, your Highness,” I said tentatively. I had a vague idea and the way she looked at me only affirmed it, but that still didn’t explain why she’d called upon me of all people. Sure, I’d done everything to gain her attention and the daughter heir of Helos was known to pick her favorites among the Watch, but that wasn’t all of it. Her words all but encouraged me to speak openly and who was I to deny her?

For a moment, she was silent, studying my face intently.

“I think both of us know very well why you’re here,” she finally said and I knew we were done with the niceties, done pretending. Her voice was firm and serious, lacking anything that had let her appear girlish before. It seemed to fall off her like a mask when she reached out for me, carefully running her fingers over the bruise along my jaw line. Whatever Damian had put on it, had reduced the swelling, but it still stood out clearly against my fair skin, as the rain had washed off his efforts to conceal it.

“Take off your shirt,” she said curtly.

“What? Why?” This time I didn’t need to fake surprise. This was definitely going a tad fast for my taste.

“Just do it,” she commanded, making it clear that she wouldn’t be disobeyed.

I opened my mouth to say something, but then remembered where I was, alone with the heiress of the godsdamn Empire and Naerya was nowhere in sight. Even if she was, what would she have said?

Letting out a breath, I started to unbutton my shirt. Shrugging out of it still hurt and I knew better than to bend down and pick it up from where it had fallen to the ground.

It took me a lot not to back away as Dawnelle ran her delicate hands over my torso, examining the miasma of bruises that riddled my chest. She made a disapproving sound and my breath hissed sharply through my teeth when she exerted pressure on my ribcage.

“What’s he making you tell everybody? Training accident?” she asked abruptly, looking at me with eyes that suddenly sparkled with anger, before she sighed and her hazel eyes suddenly filled with something close to compassion.

“I’m sorry I drew attention on you and your friend this morning, but you seemed to have it coming with Valyr from the beginning. He hates you very much, doesn’t he?”

I merely looked at her, not comprehending.

“Dahlia tells me what he does and before you ask, yes I know that she works for him, but she’s loyal to me. Nothing about this night will leave either of our lips.”

“Uh…I’m sorry…your Highness?”

What I really wanted to say was: What the fuck is going on here, but given my position I decided to mind my manners, waiting for something to actually make sense to me tonight.

“Who are you trying to kid here, Raphael?” she said, rather exasperated. “Okay, let’s talk freely here. You look like a smart guy, so I’ll make this easy for you. Let’s just say we both have a common enemy and I want your help in acquiring some…information.”

Villain – Dawnelle Nymeron

~character sheet~

Name: Dawnelle “Dawn” Nymeron

Age: 22

Appearance: With her five feet and two inches Dawnelle can be rightfully considered ‘short’, just like her father. The dark lilac eyes run in the family along with size, but unlike her father and her brother, Dawnelle’s hair isn’t silvery white, but a curly dark brown. In a way this sets her apart from her father’s line, even though it’s not a secret that neither her nor her older brother Raeyn have been born in wedlock since her father never married.  I try to avoid further descriptions like ‘slender, but curvacious’ and similar blah-blah, because it’s just redundant. Let’s just say that yes, most people think of her as attractive, though ‘pretty’ probably wouldn’t be the word to describe her (unless she’s in one of her ‘girly’ moods)

Family and Background: Neither her nor her older brother Raeyn know their mother(s) as their father has been known to never have engaged in anything else but occasional affairs. None of them is really bothered by that fact as it has been part of their upbringing. Likewise, Sirius Nymeron tolerates Dawnelle’s affairs with a certain indifference. Nonetheless, Dawnelle is probably the only one (except Raeyn at times) who has every experienced the Eye as a loving and caring father as she grew up without wanting for anything whether materially or emotionally.

Unlike her brother though, Dawnelle always loved to learn about politics and state craft. From the beginning she has been a much more apt and active student than Raeyn had ever been and some might say that she had a hand in his disappearance, being declared heir after the search for her brother remained futile.

Even as a child, Dawnelle was known to be sly and liable to sneak out of the Palace with her brother. Even though she openly led a very sheltered life in the Palace she quickly learned the harsher facts of life on the streets and learned to use that knowledge to her advantage. If you were to describe her in three words, ruthless, calculating and vindictive come to mind, but then again she can be compassionate and caring as well (in some really irrational way she actually cares for Ares, in her own way…). Like her father, Dawnelle is one of those characters that wear different masks, depending on the situation. Also like him, she knows how to use certain situations to her advantage and openly manipulates not only those beneath her, but more than that, her equals.

Motivation: Dawnelle is one of those villains who rarely do anything without reason. Like her father, she’s dominant and a ‘born ruler’, albeit an often ruthless one. One day, she wants to step up to where her father is now and become the next Eye, ruler over the Empire of Light and to achieve that she does whatever necessary, from merely using her charms, to outright blackmail and manipulation. Until now, she hasn’t openly killed yet and openly she loves to play the innocent girl, but one never knows.