Oh man.

I sure hate being the only mentally capable person in this godsdamned office.


And if I happen to miss something as well, we end up with all of our processing checks sent out – without my boss’ signature. Is it really so hard to just go ahead and sign those godsdamned checks right away when they come out of the printer? Is it REALLY?

Man, I need a drink some reeeeeeally strong coffee.

Today’s so not my day.

Even though I had a random strike of brilliant ideas for Four. What was that about planning on writing at the office today? Yeah. Forget it.

Weekend, people. I need WEEKEND. Now.



Biological Anthropology, German Grammar & Composition, German Phonetics & Phonology, Introduction to Visual Arts, Education and Creative Writing = 18 credit hours

18 credit hours of university + 30-ish hours of work = next semester with uni and work

Don’t you call me a workaholic now :p

Man, I want to shoot myself 8)

All Hell Breaks Loose… (Nym and math)


+ massive headache

= Nym’s not having the best of days


+ massive headache

+ Monday at work

+ boss will be out of state for at least another day or so

= chaos ensues


+ massive headache

+ Monday alone at the office

+ chaos with a broken office computer

= Nym alone at the office -> lots of time to rewrite One

Yeah, tell me the logic behind that formula. Let’s just say that me and math never got along very well 🙂 I’m serious about the rewrite though. The plan is to rewrite One and then go and polish it some more, because this is basically an entirely new chapter. Sure, the core plot is still the same, but let’s just say starting to scribble edits into the original draft really doesn’t work, because so much just doesn’t work anymore.


+ lots of coffee

+ laptop

= life is good 😀

It’s Invoice time again!

Which means that Nym’s going to be busy busy at the office today and probably the rest of the week *le sigh* It’s the time of the month again, but we should be done hammering away invoices and bills and 3-day notices by Friday. And still I should be able to salvage some writing time – let’s hope it goes according to plan 😉

We successfully condemned the sewer smell in our office lobby by the way and in here it currently smells of Cantalope candle, though this one is nearly done and I need to get a new one. Preferably Apricot Basil, but that’s something I need to negotiate with my mother in law who sells Salt City Candles.

It’s one of those days…

It’s just not going too well today. First off I had to get up way early (not that I’m sleeping really well lately anyway) to get Stephen to work and Nazca to the vet. She has what the vet calls a “reproductory tract infection” and Stephen and me call “leaking bloody stuff all over the place”.

We were really worried about her, but she’s getting antibiotics and today she’s getting spayed (poor thing) to prevent her getting sick again. I’m hoping everything goes ok. I hate to leave my cat at the vet because I have to work all day, but she’s getting narcosis anyway and will be out for a while. Still I’m feeling bad.

At work things are going alright, but irritating and sometimes I really wish my Spanish was better so I could translate more and get people to understand what they’re supposed to do and that this does NOT include dropping their rent off here even though they haven’t been our tenants for three months. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to sink in.

Anyway, I’m tired and grumpy for whichever reason. I guess I’m stressing too much again about all the stuff that I still get to do until I can finally apply for university. I damn sure hope that all my education records have been delivered to that evaluation agency in Florida. I’m really not feeling comfortable sending them all my originals plus fees and everything just hoping they get it done soon. Paranoid, who me? Heh 😉

I still need to get my driver’s license exchanged (still got my good ol’ German one ;)) and will have to leave work early to do this sometime this week.

Just finished another rather trashy but still entertaining fantasy novel and started another one that just doesn’t really do it for me. Might end up putting it back on the shelf and start another one. Yeah I know I’m inconsistent, so what?

Maybe I should concentrate more on writing than on stressing, but right now I’m just too tired for it, I guess so all that’s left is ranting 😉 Did I mention that my characters love to rant too? Seriously, it’s fun and actually productive at times too!

Going freelance

So I just called up that translation agency that I submitted my German Abitur report to so I could get it translated by a “certified” translator; no need to say that it irritated me that I’d have to spend $75 on a translation that I could have done in 15 minutes.

Anyway, I’ve been planning on doing some freelance work in translations etc. on the side for a while, hence I’m thinking it can’t hurt to ask them what their requirements for employment are. Apparently besides the usual background checks, they want me to have a bachelor’s degree which I won’t have for another 3-4 years. Ah well, at least I know now that I’ll be able to do that on the side later either while teaching or while I’m still at university, depending if I get to do my master’s degree or not.

Right now that doesn’t do me any good. I’ll definitely consider doing that later on though; I did some freelance writing for a local newspaper and the political group I used to be the head of before. I’m looking forward to getting into it again. Plus, I won’t need to pay anything anymore for a certified translator for all my German paperwork or my writing; I’ll just do it myself and put the company stamp on it, how neat is that?

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Gosh, I hate those days…

…I’m uber-busy: work, my parents being here, a party tonight, people asking me to do some role-playing with them, my own writing projects, my laptop that now has been ordered on Saturday but due to a system error with Dell hasn’t been processed yet….no wonder I can’t sleep too well with all kinds of stressing things going on…

Here’s hope to life slowing down a little again.

Btw. just a little P.S. rant: Sometimes I really hate to live in America: here you spend l1/5 of your life waiting on hold for a representative to become available to assist you, only to tell you that they’re sorry for your inconvenience, but there has been a system error that delayed your order. Great….