More Updates!

As promised I finally compiled a lengthy list of links to all kinds of awesome and helpful agents’ blogs and generally great writing sites. Just take a look at the sidebar. I added some categories there and I’d recommend those sites to everyone who’s either about ready to submit a query or even just in their beginning drafts. Check it out 😀


Spreading the word!

I got this link to an awesome blog of awesomeness from Sirayn, thanks so much hon! Colleen Lindsay is an agent for Fine Print Literary Management and her blog is all about Fantasy and Science Fiction! Tips about query letters, what not to do in query letters and other helpful and/or funny things to know if you’re ever considering to get published.

Check out her blog here

P.S.: I’m about to make a list with all kinds of great, helpful links that I’ll add to my sidebar as soon as I’m done. I’ll keep you updated 😉