Title Talk – Vol…eh 3?

Yeah, pondering titles again and I think I’ve actually found one that I really like for book one. I almost accidentally got the title of the first book by musing over one of my new most favorite words / word of the day for Friday, April 18th: Deviant I like the meaning and the sound of it (yeah, IMO titles have to sound right too)

So here’s the trilogy broken up:

Book 1: Deviant

Book 2: Clairvoyance

Book 3: Renegade

All titles only consist of one word, which is interesting because I tend to have an affinity for those kinds of titles. Also they don’t necessarily have anything to do with “Light” in the original sense of the word, but that’s intentional. It’s funny that I suddenly came up with titles for all three books, after initially only having one for book 2 (kind of a weird way of thinking, deciding on a title for the middle book first before choosing one for the first book…guess that’s just my weird way of thinking). Anyway, I’m quite happy with it πŸ™‚


Writing weekend!

This weekend I actually have the time and inspiration to focus a lot on my writing. I just finished Sixteen and am probably going to start Seventeen in a bit. I also have been thinking about titles for book one some more. Two that I like would be Shadows (which is more related to the overall title “Light”) or Renegade which relates to events closer to the end of the book as well as the one of the main themes of the overall plot.

One thing I know is that it’ll be a short title. I really like Renegade, but it really isn’t linked to Light a whole lot. I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet.

Something I’ve really had fun writing today is some good Damian/Ares irony and sarcasm. They’re just good at that and it lightens the general grave mood of this chapter up a lot. Love passages like Ares’ first statement after waking up from waking up from two months of coma:

“Gods, you look like shit, Damian,” I said grinning. I suddenly realized how much I’d have missed never seeing his face again.

“Well thanks, but you know how the saying goes. β€˜Don’t throw stones when you’re sitting in the glass house’.” Damian said sardonically.

“Hm…I guess.”


I mentioned before that finding the right title for this book is kind of difficult and that mostly they come to me very randomly (just like character names and general ideas). Anyway, today has been such a random occasion and I found the perfect title for Light book 2.

It’ll be named Clairvoyance which fits the general plot and development perfectly. I’m really happy with it πŸ™‚

Of course that doesn’t help me with the dilemma of finding a title for the first book other than “Light”. If I could have it my way I’d totally name it “Heroes Die” but Matthew Woodring Stover already took that one πŸ˜‰ It’s a real shame because it fits the book perfectly. Too bad really.