Six Feet Under

Man, I had totally forgotten just how awesome this show is 😀

Ruth (trying very hard to deal with the fact that her younger son is gay and she now knows about it): And David, if you have a special friend, he can come as well.

David: Why is my friend special?

Ruth: Alright. If you’re having sex with any man I’d like to meet him. Is that better?

David: Not really.

And yes you can get accidentally high on ecstasy, because your white-collar gay brother slipped one into the family’s aspirin bottle. And no he won’t get you more.

Scenes like those and the hilarious appearances of Nate&Dave’s dead father make this show priceless. I seriously doubt it ever made it uncensored into American TV 😉

Damn good show!


Doctor Who

Nooooo…. but…but!?!

Man, Nym’s not happy 😦


How awesome is the second season of Torchwood? 😀 😀 😀

Newest addiction!

So Fior, Claire and Candice got me hooked on Heroes and I’ve been watching episodes en masse for the last two days. It’s amazing! Check it out everyone! I even got Stephen hooked on it (he stayed up till 3am last night to watch the first 4 episodes in a row, haha)so that’s something of an accomplishment.

It’s distracting me really badly from writing of course, but that’s ok because I think I needed a break after a while and it’s nice to do a bit less and kick back a little more. I’m a TV show person and always love to get hooked on new really good ones and this is awesome and everyone loves it (even my boss hahaha). Yay for Download Communities like the one on LJ too 😀