More action, please!

A quick update for today: I’ve written 638 words so far. Not much, I know, but they’ve been good methinks. Chapter Fourteen continues one major action sequence of the book and it’s going rather well. I’ve written something from Ares’ POV that ends creating some nice suspence and I brought a character into the game that some other players might already have forgotten about, or not?

Anyway, I’ve been pretty frustrated trying to find my overall notebook this morning (I just can’t find the damn thing, it’s in one of those moving boxes, but heck if I can find it!). But I’ll just have to do without it or use another one for now (the latter option is more likely because I tend to be a scatterbrain at times).


Plot Synopsis

Here is an interesting link to a project by Joshua Palmatier on LiveJournal collecting a couple of plot synopses published authors used to sell their books. We’re not talking about a blurb or even a one-line summary, but the 3-5 page synopsis that is submitted to agents along with query letters etc.

I think it’s an interesting project to look into, no matter at which stage of publishing you are. If you’re like me, then summarizing your plot that doesn’t make you sound like a complete, rambling idiot is usually a major pain in the ass. Personally, I find myself losing focus when I’m trying to summarize my plot, even though most of that might be due to Light just not being finished yet. Some things are totally open still, but sooner or later I’ll have to write a good synopsis for this thing 😉

 I was talking to a friend who also writes on Friday night and we both decided that sometimes plot summaries just go a little out of hand and if you’re like me it usually ends up being too long and more or less rambling. So a little peek into how other authors have accomplished to shut out the rambling temptation can’t hurt, methinks.

Anyway, check it out 😉


Believe what you want, but I sill love to write while listening to the most depressive songs. No, seriously, I’m not an emo. I’m not thinking of slitting my wrists or anything of  the gory and suicidal sort. I just like it.

Right now Dream On by Aerosmith is the song of the day. It just fits that scene’s mood, but since my writing is a wee heavy on the dark side, Evanescence and Nightwish work great too.

I remember when I used to listen to Gary Jules’ Mad World a lot. My mom just loooked at me and was like: “Hey do I need to be worried about you?”

 No, seriously not. It’s just a great song, that’s all. Anyway, right now the Aerosmth Greatest Hits album rocks the day 🙂

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One thing I’ve learned…

…is looking over my script again a day after I’ve finished a chapter. It helps me a lot to refocus on what I’ve written and correct grammatical flaws as well as add or scratch bits of writing that needed to be added or are superfluous.

Anyway, looking over Thirteen I noticed some good things that I added making it a better chapter. There weren’t too many things I had to scratch, nor really many mistakes that I’d made. I was wondering if I should add in more from Ares’ POV between the Orpheus and Jay sections, but the more I’m thinking about it, the more I like it as it is.

Ares will probably open chapter Fourteen, but I’ll also have Veleine and Raeyn appear, along with someone we haven’t seen around yet. I’m looking forward to writing about a member of the Shadows that I will need to add more about in the sections I’ve already written, because he has a more complex role in the new setting. It’ll be interesting and the action goes on 😉

The total updated wordcount for chapter Thirteen is 4,283 words and the total overall wordcount for draft 1 of Light is 55,069. Not bad not bad. I’m kinda wondering if it might not end up being less than 200,000 words, but that might not be a bad thing. After all I’m calculating with something in between 150,000 and 200,000 words.


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Another one down!

Yes, after lots of revision, pondering the general outline and completely switching the setting to a more modern one, I finally finished Chapter Thirteen! Took me long enough, I have to say, but I think despite all the doubts, headaches, sleepless nights and caffeine (yes, don’t forget the caffeine!) the muses have come back and I’ve finally finished chapter Thirteen, which will be the first chapter I’ve written in the “new setting” if you want to call it that. Actually the story hasn’t really changed THAT radically, but I daresay a little more modernity and definitely starting to use dialogue a LOT more has made it a much better plot.

This chapter kind of shows how many changes I’ve made in Light compared to when it started out last November. First off, it’s pretty much an action chapter and I have to admit they’re not my best thing to write, but honestly I think this one’s a good one. It’s full of dialogue and short (yes, SHORT) sentences (I’m not beyond learning though :p) and I just killed my second major character. Some may complain that it was a little quick, but I assure you it hasn’t been one of those meaningless deaths (I hate it when authors kill off characters without any reason).

There’s also a petty graphic scene, but to my defense I got to say that I’ve been rather mild on the gory side (it’s not been a chapter from Daimian’s POV after all ;))

With 4,144 words it’s not one of my longest chapters, but rather average and I think I cut it before it’d have gone on for too long (we don’t want over-sized giant-chapters after all, I’m really trying to hold back on that). 1,920 words is how much I’ve written today and that’s including some editing. I’m happy to see how it’s flowing again, even though I’ll have to read over it again to erradicate grammatical flaws etc, but all in all today’s been a good day 🙂

New Laptop!

It’s finally here! Well it was delivered yesterday, but after Stephen went on a rampage, installing and uninstalling all kinds of stuff, plus arguing with Dell on the phone (he got me a second 9 cell battery and a $100 refund in the deal) I finally can use it to its fullest. It’s awesome and I LOVE it! Really, it’s been worth the wait, even though it was a lot of hassle to finally get it, but it’s a great laptop. Ultra portable with the 13″ LED screen, long battery life (yay for the 9 Cell battery!) and with 4 GB RAM and 2.2 dual core processor pretty dang fast.

In short: Nym’s pretty happy and will enjoy writing a lot on this thing, now that she has transferred all her files 🙂

With that I’m off to putting more music on here to stimulate the inspiration 😉