Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Life’s been a little on the rough and stressful side lately so I just didn’t have the time and energy to focus much on blogging – I’ll work on improving that, promise!

So what’s been happening?

Well, besides the mundane trivia of overly stressful private life, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of writing lately, but at least I’ve got the next few chapters outlined very well as it’s still a total rewrite. So at least there’s mental progress mad in the time that uni and work leave me 😉

Anyway, this weekend I’ll be at the LUW writer’s conference here in Ogden, UT and I’ll let you know how that one’s going. Usually conferences like that are full of shiny inspiration and motivation 😀


It’s Invoice time again!

Which means that Nym’s going to be busy busy at the office today and probably the rest of the week *le sigh* It’s the time of the month again, but we should be done hammering away invoices and bills and 3-day notices by Friday. And still I should be able to salvage some writing time – let’s hope it goes according to plan 😉

We successfully condemned the sewer smell in our office lobby by the way and in here it currently smells of Cantalope candle, though this one is nearly done and I need to get a new one. Preferably Apricot Basil, but that’s something I need to negotiate with my mother in law who sells Salt City Candles.

It’s one of those days…

It’s just not going too well today. First off I had to get up way early (not that I’m sleeping really well lately anyway) to get Stephen to work and Nazca to the vet. She has what the vet calls a “reproductory tract infection” and Stephen and me call “leaking bloody stuff all over the place”.

We were really worried about her, but she’s getting antibiotics and today she’s getting spayed (poor thing) to prevent her getting sick again. I’m hoping everything goes ok. I hate to leave my cat at the vet because I have to work all day, but she’s getting narcosis anyway and will be out for a while. Still I’m feeling bad.

At work things are going alright, but irritating and sometimes I really wish my Spanish was better so I could translate more and get people to understand what they’re supposed to do and that this does NOT include dropping their rent off here even though they haven’t been our tenants for three months. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to sink in.

Anyway, I’m tired and grumpy for whichever reason. I guess I’m stressing too much again about all the stuff that I still get to do until I can finally apply for university. I damn sure hope that all my education records have been delivered to that evaluation agency in Florida. I’m really not feeling comfortable sending them all my originals plus fees and everything just hoping they get it done soon. Paranoid, who me? Heh 😉

I still need to get my driver’s license exchanged (still got my good ol’ German one ;)) and will have to leave work early to do this sometime this week.

Just finished another rather trashy but still entertaining fantasy novel and started another one that just doesn’t really do it for me. Might end up putting it back on the shelf and start another one. Yeah I know I’m inconsistent, so what?

Maybe I should concentrate more on writing than on stressing, but right now I’m just too tired for it, I guess so all that’s left is ranting 😉 Did I mention that my characters love to rant too? Seriously, it’s fun and actually productive at times too!

More of the “Argh!” that’s been my day…

…yeah I know I’m not in the best of moods today, but at least my laptop order got confirmed, even though the shipping date is scheduled for the 26th of March which is way late….ah well, the Chief Teddybear is yelling at them right now to try and get that sped up a bit (he’s working for Dell, so ;))

Anyway, what REALLY is pissing me off right now is that our health insurance just keeps messing with us. Those guys never do anything right. First they didn’t acknowledge my coverage, then they changed my name out for Stephen’s (his is pronounced Stephan, mine’s Stephanie so they totally fucked up…) and now that I need meds that they need to give me a prior authorization for they suddenly can’t find me on their records again…that paired with the fact that they keep sending us statements saying that either of us hasn’t been covered for previous doctor visits and trying to bill us for it, just shoots it through the ro0f….I’m really glad once I have a social security number so I’ll have a number proving my existence….

…I got my Green Card in the mail btw and it’s totally not green…well the back of it is, but the front is some kind of yellow-ish, which I thought was rather funny…anyway, nobody’s gonna send me home now so at least something good happened 😉

Laptop stress or “Please Hold”

So I ordered this totally AWESOME (and red :p) laptop from Dell on Saturday, got the money in my account, made the payment, got the “We acknowledge your order and will send you a confirmation email soon” email in my inbox….and then it stopped. Nothing went out of my bank account, no confirmation email received…So me, being me, gets nervous and wanting to know what’s going on calls Dell Customer Care.

Cus. Care: Uh…there must be something wrong with your order, apparently an item that you bought isn’t being recognized by the system…uh…let me transfer you to Sales, they’ll be able to help you out.

Me: *grumble, grumble, getting pissed off even more*

Phone line: Please hold. *stupid brainless marketing gibberish* Your waiting time may exceed 10 minutes. Please continue to hold. A Sales Representative will be with you shortly. *more brainless gibberish*

Me: *ranting to Stephen on msn and being almost braindead after half an hour of continuous “Please Hold” lalala* OMG please shoot me…

Finally I’m put through to a Sales guy who tells me: Oh, I just had a customer with the very same problem just a minute ago. I’m sorry, but there has been a system error with orders over the weekend, please call us again tomorrow, if you haven’t received an email and the payment went through by then.

Me: You must be fucking shitting me…

So I’m hanging up, even more pissed off than an hour before when this call started…and now I still haven’t received anything from them and will end up calling them again…They better give me free overnight shipping or upgrades and they damn well better have my laptop still….Gah!

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